Introducing the Festival of New MR

Welcome to the Festival of New MR – a global event that will run every year and help track and shape the future of our industry. Inspiration is from Ray Poynter (The Future Place) and the board comprises researchers, clients and industry partners from around the world. All volunteers. Asian Strategies is delighted to be on the Editorial Board.

The Festival will run 6-10 December 2010 – an online conference accessible to all to help shape the future of market research. Think “ESOMAR Congress meets Woodstock & Glastonbury”. For a week. 24 x 7. Across all time zones.


Response has been overwhelming and we have to limit participation to 1,000 delegates (speakers, audience members) from the research industry who will be taking part over five days. Presentations will be archived and downloadable so delegates can get access to everything and sponsors will enjoy ongoing publicity as well as during the live events.

Ticket prices will be from as little as $25 as the aim is to reach people who normally don’t attend MRS and ESOMAR events because they can’t travel or afford the time or usually high conference fees.

Some of the speakers: Mark Earls, John Keraon, Ray Poynter, Duncan Stewart, Dianne Hessan, Shobha Prasad, Rijn Vogelaar, Tom Ewing, Jim Longo, Annie Petit, John Clay, Graeme Lawrence, Richard Shaw, Spencer Murrell, Sue York, Tom De Ruyck, Jon Puleston and Finn Rabin.

Confirmit is our Platinum Sponsor and NIPO Gold but Gold Sponsorship is still available for US$5,500 – not expensive given the duration of the event, the continued visibility in terms of content, quality of speakers and audience.

We believe this will become the biggest event of its kind based on the quality of people involved (the influencers of New MR globally) and the Festival’s “first mover” status.

For more information on attending, speaking or sponsorship, please contact Greg Coops at Asian Strategies <>

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